Simon and Amelia were looking for some fun.  Simon started out simple.


Simon, don’t move!                                    Shake your hands!                                    Shake your feet!    



Below, we though we’d try some method acting.  On the left, Simon’s motivation was an almost 4-month old infant concerned with his next meal.  Good attempt.  At the right, I went with something obtuse, “Here’s looking at you kid,” to see where he would go with it.  He has time.



Below, Amelia seems to be ahead of the game in the acting department.  At left, we started out easy with kung-fu squirrel.  On the right, something more challenging:  Ed McMahon just walked in with a check for a million dollars.   Notice how well her face captures the complex emotions she would be experiencing.  Without a word, it’s easy to see that she’s incredibly happy but worried that Ed may figure out she’s not 18, particularly since she literally pooped herself in the excitement.



Above, all I gave her was:  Redd Foxx.   Spot on with the clutching and reaching.  If she could only speak, she’s have called out to Elizabeth. 


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