Well, there’s not much romance going on, but it is St. Valentine’s Day here in Hawaii.   Let’s see what the tigers are up to today.



Above, Simon and Amelia get two little flowers.   Below, they show off their flowers and their outfits.



Amelia’s a little tired from a night of sleeping, but she composes herself for a nice shot holding the flower.  



Above, Simon is rather stoic, perhaps uninterested in the girly, commercialized holiday.  I wonder if he’ll ever warm up to it, since he has obviously learned to objectify women at a very early age, constantly staring at and even grabbing Wiola’s chest without even attempting eye contact or conversation.   Below, Dad hangs out with the kids.  Notice Simon practicing his best Michael Jackson; he’s having trouble reaching low enough for the full grab, but he’ll get there.



Below, Amelia puts on some of her best poses.  



(Sorry for the shorts.)  



Amelia and mommy….precious.


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