OK.  I know you’re thinking, “Geez, guys…you only have 3 cars and you’re soon to be a family of 4.  What’s the deal?”  Well, wonder no more.  Allow me to introduce the newest addition to our family, the Tigermobile.



It’s a ’97 Jeep Grand Cherokee (which, by the way, has the MOST comfortable seats I’ve ever sat in).  I have a few things to go through on the engine, but it is in super condition otherwise and the price was right.  After looking at several much-younger Ford Escapes (one hybrid model) and finding mechanical fault with all of them, buying this familiar, rear-drive, gas-guzzling Mopar was an easy compromise.  Also, we now have cars in red, white, and blue…you can’t get more patriotic than that…not even if you wear an American flag lapel pin AND properly inflate your tires.


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