As I mentioned before, after about 22 hours without drugs or intervention, Wiola moved to the operating room (as a precaution) and did what she had wanted to do all day…she popped out the two little tigers!  At 11:03 pm and 11:19 pm on 18 October 2008, Simon and Amelia were born into this crazy world.  At our request, the received some immediate face-time with mom, and were then whisked away to be rubbed, poked, and prodded by the excellent neonatal intensive care staff.   After that they came back for these pictures.  Notice our high-quality labor nurse Penny blocking placental ick from the picture.  Who thinks of that?  She was super, as was Nicole on the previous shift.  We couldn’t have done it without them.  Frida, our admitting nurse, was so supportive at the beginning of our time at the hospital.  Seriously, way to go nurses.



Speaking of quality treatment, we were really lucky to have Dr. Gloeb come on early in the labor.  I’m not sure what they call it, but he was the head doctor on staff for 18 October.  He was extremely supportive of natural birth and allowed us a lot of time to let Wiola’s labor progress naturally.  Thanks so much to him and his staff for their support, understanding, and of course, medical expertise.  Although Wiola was certainly not smiling while the tigers’ heads were coming down the line, she was fully awake and alert after the birth and was able to spend a few minutes of quality time with the tigers before I escorted them to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where they would be thoroughly evaluated.  This immediate bonding experience is one of the great rewards of a completely natural childbirth, and we thank Dora, our Bradley instructor, for giving us the knowledge and support to make it happen.  A down side may be that Wiola said at least five times (once during delivery) that we weren’t having any more kids.  I’m not worried about it…look at those little guys!  In this particular picture, they must have been tugging on an umbilical cord or something, because Wiola was in excellent spirits as seen in the picture at the top.


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