Welcome to the original site for Wiola and Casey’s little tigers.

See how they were growing in the womb…it’s neat.


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Tiger Trivia:


Did you know that, while in the womb, babies drink the amniotic fluid?  Although it doesn’t provide any nourishment, it does kick start the digestive and endocrine systems.  Of course, with these systems on line, can you guess what else they do?  That’s right, they also urinate.  Guess where that goes?  Into the amniotic fluid!  Oh, man!  Fortunately, the fluid is replaced continuously by Wiola, with the equivalent of a full exchange every 24 hours.  That’s a whole lot of cleaning, and that’s why she pees like a rabbit!


Little Known Fact:  Wiola calls me “Tiger,” and that’s why Wiola named our little fetuses her two “Little Tigers.”


Disturbing Fact (for men, anyway):  Girl bits are actually bigger than boy bits at 10 weeks.  How embarrassing!