Simon was the first one ready to adventure out of the NICU.Can you find him in the picture below?He looks more than ready!



Despite nearly getting lost in his carrier, Simon made it two floors and 200 yards to Wiolaís room in the ward.In the stop-action shots below he waves off the paparazzi.



Below, Dad gets some personal time with Simon (and, no, Iím not trying to breastfeed).



Whatís not pictured but worth mentioning is Simonís impressive range.In the middle of changing him in the bassinette, we turned away for a minute to get a diaper or wipe or something.Alarmed by the sound of adult-volume flatulence, we turn back quickly only to realize that Simon shot spots of poop clear over the bassinette wall (some six inches or more) onto the floor.A quick count of tiles revealed a manly range of nearly eight feet.Thatís my boy!Fortunately and rather surprisingly, nothing got in his crib or on the wall.


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