30 April 2008


Tiger #1 is bigger than its sibling…3.49 cm (1.4 in)!  In this side view, you can see its head on the left, and if you look really close, you can see little feet at the far right.  Little hands are sticking out in the middle, too.  It wasn’t moving much, so I think we can call it Sleeping Tiger this week.


This little tiger, Tiger #2, was very frisky at today’s check-up despite being only 2.83 cm (1.1 in).  I call it Dancing Tiger because it was moving all over the place in there.  You can see the head at the bottom (the jaw is the more solid white part), the arms on each side, and the little legs are crossed at the top.  The umbilical cord is on the left (looks like a little gray cloud).


Another shot of Tiger #2 clearly reveals the umbilical cord (upper left), the top of the head, and a little hand!  If you look real close you can see the little fingers!!


30 April 2008


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