11 July 2008


Half way there.  Today was the full body scan for each little tiger.  Everything was super, of course.  There are a lot of pictures, so you may have to wait for a bit for them to load.



Wiola’s bones were right!  You can see baby A on the left is definitely a boy.   (Note the arrow pointing to the impressive wiener…can’t really figure out which side that came from.  After the last ultrasound where we got a glimpse of his boyhood, Wiola kept saying “it’s so big!”  I didn’t really understand but just sort of agreed with her.  She said the same thing at this ultrasound and it wasn’t until we were looking at the printed photos later on that we realized she was looking at the leg.  Holy cow!).  Baby B on the right is a girl and, fortunately for her, lacks boy parts.  If you remember, part of Wiola’s prediction was that the boy would be first, and indeed, baby A is lower in womb and will be the first to come out.  I wonder what Wiola feels in her bones about the next lottery numbers?



More scary skull pictures.  



Happy feet.  If we were podiatrists, these would be more than cute.



I think there are a couple of brains on the left.  The girl is a little more sono-genic and posed for some nice profiles to the right and below.  You can see her little nose, lips, ears, and spine.



11 July 2008


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